Our world seems full of cynicism, despair, hopelessness, and impersonalness. Our lives are high stress; our jobs are high stress. Your life may be filled with major trauma due to physical injury and pain…

The Source Center provides loving, caring and professional solutions for you:

  • Easy methods with proven results for Anxiety and Depression due to acute and chronic pain
  • New comforting safe help for trauma recovery
  • Quick Stress Reduction for fear/phobia at home, work or driving
  • Managing Anger and other negative emotions with creativity and acceptance

The benefits you will notice from working with Jan Clinton, MA, MFT

  • Immediate relief from pain and accompanying upset
  • Self-knowledge and acceptance
  • Increased personal productivity
  • Incredible support for life decisions
  • Loving communication
  • Enjoyable and supportive relationships
  • Learning to listen and speak from the heart

Jan Clinton is known for her careful listening and for her content and unspoken needs of clients. Over the years, during her professional life, she has gained considerable specific knowledge in counseling. She is comfortable working with families, couples and individuals with Alcohol & Drug concerns, coping with disabilities and physical pain, and providing support for those who have survived a diagnosis of cancer. Jan Clinton is dynamic and inspirational, respectful and attentive, diplomatic and tactful.

Jan Clinton

I have 30 years experience in working with groups, not only in delivering a body of information, but in helping them understand that information, and be able to use it in their everyday life. My own intellectual curiosity has kept me learning throughout my practical experience years.

I worked for 35 years in the chiropractic profession and have facility with medical terminology, psychotropic drugs and their interactions. I also have a working knowledge of the interaction and concurrence of physical pain, emotional pain, and their relief. In fact, this phenomenon is what first lead me to my studies in psychology.

I have successfully breastfed 4 children (to the age of 2 years), and was an active member of La Leche League and Birth Resource Center at that time. I am one of the founding members of PEP, Postpartum Education for Parents, and have worked with families, including nursing mothers, pregnancy and infertility, and loss for 23 years.

I am currently working with Dr. Crystal Galvan, D.C., who specializes in pre-peri-post natal Chiropractic care for women and children in Santa Barbara, CA.

Jan Clinton, MA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Pain and Trauma Management Specialist