Nutritional Supplements

We carry professional nutritional products, including Standard Process, Moxxor Omega-3 Oils and Metagenics for our patients nutritional needs. These companies are well known and respected in the nutritional supplement industry.

Why are nutritional supplements important?

Eating a well balanced diet doesn’t cut it anymore due to the depleted soils our foods are grown in. You need to eat 3 apples to get the same nutritional value as an apple grown in the 1940’s. An orange in 1950 contained 100mgs of vitamin C. Today’s orange has 5mgs. The poor choices on nutrition our nation has been making over the last 50 years, in growing and consuming our foods, has significantly affected our overall health and medical costs.

We are producing more calories per acre but with less nutritional value. Research suggests very strongly that the large majority of our nations health issues developed because of lifestyle choices directly associated with our modern diet. Fast foods, packaged foods and processed foods are slowly depleting our health.

Chiropractic is a powerful tool on its own in helping the body heal, but combined with the right nutritional supplements which provide the necessary building blocks for healing – a win-win situation!

If you have any questions regarding any of our nutritional products or how they can help improve your health, please don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Crystal.

Standard Process – Whole Food Supplements

At Crystal Chiropractic, we believe that given the proper nutrition, your body has the amazing capability of keeping itself healthy. We also believe that nutrition should be individualized to meet each patient’s needs. For these reasons and many more, we proudly recommend Standard Process Whole Food Supplements.

For over 75 years, Standard Process has provided health care professionals with high-quality, nutritional whole food supplements for healthy functioning of the endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive, hepatic, respiratory, skeletal, renal, and other physiological systems. Many of the raw materials are grown organically on company-owned farmland and then processed utilizing exclusive manufacturing techniques. These materials are monitored throughout the entire manufacturing process using continuous quality control testing. This is our primary nutritional product line. From multi-vitamins to a cleanse, we will help you get the right products for you and your family.

We have a new online patient ordering program! You can now get your Standard Process®, MediHerb®, and Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™ supplements conveniently from us. Contact our office for details. Sign up for Patient Direct at

MOXXOR Omega-3

MOXXOR is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant supplement formulated from New Zealand’s greenlip mussel and Sauvignon Blanc grape seed extract. MOXXOR is the earth’s preeminent source of Omega-3, which has known anti-inflammatory properties and is up to 480 times more effective than other Omega-3 oils on the market.

MOXXOR derives its powerful antioxidant properties from grape seed extract, which have known antioxidant levels that are up to 3 times more effective than acai and mangosteen, and up to 50 times more effective than goji, as measured on the ORAC scale.


Metagenics, a privately held company, was founded in 1983 with the mission to help patients achieve their genetic potential through targeted nutrition. They are a leading developer and manufacturer of natural, science-based nutriceuticals. Metagenics’ nutrigenomics research center is dedicated to researching and evaluating the effects of natural ingredients on genetic expression and protein activity.

Multi Radiance Medical

Multi Radiance Medical’s laser devices provide accelerated pain relief and recovery. Backed with over 4000 clinical studies, laser technology is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive solution.

L.A.S.E.R. (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is a name for a type of intense radiation of the light spectrum. A laser is a beam of light in which high energies can be concentrated. Laser light has unique physical properties, which other types of light do not have. These are coherence and monochromaticity. These are what makes laser light is so effective compared to other kinds of light in the field of pain reduction and healing. Laser treatment (also known as phototherapy and low level laser therapy) involves the application of low power coherent light to injuries and lesions to stimulate healing and reduce pain. It is used to increase the speed, quality and strength of tissue repair, resolve inflammation and give pain relief. Low level laser technology has been found to offer superior healing and pain relieving effects compared to other electrotherapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, especially in dealing with chronic problems and in the early stages of acute injuries. Low level laser technology is a complete system of treating muscle, tendon, ligament, connective tissue, bone, nerve, and dermal tissues in a non-invasive, drug-free modality.